Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Blazing Saddles Drinking Game

About a month ago I re-watched Blazing Saddles and it was even funnier than I remembered the last time I watched it.  I watched it again last Monday with my brother, and we made a drinking game for it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I thought I'd post it.  It's not incredibly creative (you could do drinking/smoking/cursing for about half the movies out there) , but it's my first, I'll work on it.  I may come up with some more drinking games for other movies, it's pretty enjoyable.

  • Take a drink every time someone says something racist  -  Mel Brooks is pretty equal-opportunity with the slurs and racist jokes, and they're all very funny
  • Drink every time a character takes a drink or lights a cigarette/cigar/pipe/joint
  • Drink every time a character curses
  • Drink every time a character breaks the fourth wall
  • Drink every time Hedley Lamarr loses control  -  He has a tendency to get a little rapturous when he's imagining land-snatching, and he loses his temper when he's challenged
  • Drink every time Lili Von Shtupp says "tired" - This is the marathon drink session during the movie, but it's manageable, especially if you're just doing beer
  • Drink every time someone is shot

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